Sam Delaney – Director – Operations Manager


Sam is a Director and founder of CREATivE stART. Sam’s experience is in developing community art projects and providing mutual aid based support for those in recovery. His passion is in using art and peer support as tools to inspire others.

His focus is on portrait, Pop-art style, contemporary and abstract paintings, some of which are influenced by native Australian art. He prefers to work with acrylic but often uses a wide range of medium and materials. He has painted for people in the public eye and made many art donations to national causes.

More recently Sam is committed to creating mural artworks, that are directly influenced by the community. He uses traditional techniques using masonry and acrylic paints, varnish and brushes. He often involves members of the community in the process.

Sam is responsible for the operations of CREATivE stART. He has been providing support and aftercare for people in recovery and their families since 2005. He mentors others on art techniques & values the use of arts in health and peer support to help empower others.

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Steve Baxter – Director – Project Manager

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Scott Slade – Peer Support

Scott is our Addiction recovery mentor and responsible for Peer Support groups and signposting those in recovery to other areas of support

As a peer support programme, we value life experience & personal recovery above anything else. Scott spent the best part of his life in active addiction, which has seen him addicted to heroin, alcohol & prescription drugs. Much of this time was spent in prisons & institutions, very nearly costing him his life.

Scott has now spent 7 years in abstinence based recovery & has been involved in CREATIVE START since its set up in North East Lincolnshire.. He is supportive to all of us & it has been an inspiration to us all, seeing him completely change his life around.

Because of Scott’s commitment to abstinence and helping others that have had similar experiences. He is proof to anyone who maybe struggling, that there is hope, a way out & a life after addiction.


Emma Ling – Director – Treasurer


Emma is a self-taught artist who enjoys creating pop art style paintings. Through the support of CREATivE stART, she has set up her own business taking commissions for artwork. Her preferred medium is acrylic on canvas. She has always had a keen interest in art and is often looking to develop different styles, using new materials.

She currently paints portrait pieces and paintings of people she admires in the music & film industry. Going forward she aims to create more scenic paintings, whilst exploring different techniques and materials.

Emma is an example of someone who used the CREATivE stART programme and is now in a key position of trust within the organisation, having become a Director in 2016. She uses her talent in art to help mentor and inspire other members of the CREATivE stART programme.


Peter Lee Crookes – Artist


Peter’s work is mainly reflective of emotions, how they are felt and seen in the physical form and conveyed to the viewer without the use of words. He works in a variety of mediums from charcoal to pastel to pencil. His main choice of medium is in Biro pen.

Peter has also staged several live art performances and has produced a variety of art films including an animation for Ministry of Sound DJ Paul Deighton.

His first major exhibition in his biro medium in 2012, “Anatomy of Emotion”, was a resounding success with not only the public but also art critics and the local press.

Peter has since had several successful exhibitions around Lincolnshire both solo and as part of a group.

Peter completed his BA (hons) Fine Art degree in 2016

His focus is on helping others to express themselves through art, in all possible mediums.

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Kevin Atkins – Artist


Ever since being a young boy, Kevin has been obsessed with drawing. Strongly influenced by 80s animation and comic book art he would constantly create his own characters, universes and stories.

After attending Art College in Grimsby, Kevin found himself in a job that gave him very little time to pursue his passion. For many years he was removed from the world he loved. Kevin rediscovered his talent for art in the early 2000’s and began drawing again. From then on, his mind-set changed completely and he began painting… and hasn’t stopped since.

Kevin paints, draws, sketches and writes on a daily basis. He has written and illustrated several comic and childrens’ books and has had various works displayed in exhibitions throughout the UK. In 2013 he was a finalist in Sky TV’s ‘Portrait Artist of the Year’ show (culminating in him painting the actress Alison Steadman in Trafalgar Square). He appeared on BBC TV’s ‘The One Show’, on which he painted a portrait of comedian Frank Skinner on live television.

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Mark Tustain – Workshop Manager


Mark manages the CREATivE stART workshops. He also works together with Sam Delaney in creating community mural artworks as well as setting up art exhibitions and events. He is an integral part of the CREATivE stART programme.

Since battling with drug addiction and alcoholism, Mark has made a choice to change his life for the better. CREATivE stART has given him the opportunity to learn new skills and given him the confidence to interact positively with society again, without feelings of inadequacy. Mark now uses his experience in abstinence based recovery to help support others who have had similar struggles.

Art has given him a voice, a medium to put his message across and a purpose. His focus is on community mural artworks. Together with Sam Delaney he has created many murals in the local area and mentors volunteers in mural art techniques.

CREATivE stART aims to provide peer support for its members and also those affected by addiction directly and indirectly, by sharing experiences, hopes and strengths.


Samantha Wilding – Co Founder – Artist


Samantha is co founder of CREATivE stART CIC. She has been a keen artist and writer since a very young age and attended Grimsby’s Eleanor Street Art College after leaving School.

Her preferred medium is Graphite, creating many Graphite portraits. It was only in the last 5 years that she started painting with Acrylics, choosing abstract over portraits. Still to ‘discover her style’ Samantha is continually inspired by the talent and artwork created by the members of the CREATivE stART programme.

Samantha also designs and creates bespoke jewellery with wild@art.



Kurt Smith – Graphic Design


Kurt has proven skills in visual ideation, Design software and branding. He has a diploma in multidisciplinary design and is currently finishing his degree with one of the countries leading universities. Being well travelled he has many influences to draw upon. Kurt is responsible for the graphic design work and branding of CREATivE stART and its projects.


Damian Quinn – Artist

Damian has always been well practiced in art with natural ability. He has produced many pieces over the years since leaving school, with his only A+ in the subject. He went on to study at Grimsby College of Art and Design on Eleanor Street in Grimsby and completed various courses including Graphic Design, Photography, Fine Art and Ceramics. He also gained a BTEC First Diploma. After leaving college he had a short spell working within a Graphic Design company producing signs using a vinyl cutting machine.

He has subsequently been doing various pieces of artwork and requests over the years in between regular jobs. This includes caricatures, personalised paintings along with some mural design using various mediums including inks, water colour, acrylics and emulsion.

He has also produced a small set of comic books for an amateur publisher in which he also wrote the story.
He is currently learning digital painting but also looking to experiment more in fine art and is also keen to develop his mural work by assisting other artists and individuals on graffiti and street art. CREATivE stART CIC will be supporting Damian in achieving his aims.