CREATivE stART – A short film

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We are very thankful to all the volunteers who have been involved in Creative Start. This has included people from various backgrounds & everyone has brought something different to the organisation.

Although we are often recognised as an arts group, we are in fact a peer support programme that uses all forms of creativity as a focus and aims to prove that recovery from addiction is possible. We also support the families of those affected and include all members of the community in our projects. This helps to raise awareness, break stigma and give the wider community a clearer understanding of the recovery process.

At the core of the organisation are a group of people who have battled with addiction & are in abstinence based recovery. They are integral to the delivery of the programme & without them Creative Start could not exist.

We owe a huge thanks to Chris Curtiss and the Grimsby Institute for putting together this short film for the Big Lottery. It provides an insight into what Creative Start is about.

Thank you to everyone that has helped support us. We are very grateful to be able to work on these projects and we hope that more people will be inspired to get involved.

Please follow this link to watch the short film