CREATivE stART T-Shirt press

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In 2015 we were grateful to the Comic Relief ‘Give it up’ fund, for providing us with a T-Shirt Press seen in the image below.

Since having the press we have produced many T-shirts. However T-shirt pressing is not as easy as it takes time, patience and mistakes. After several washing machine tests the team finally began printing their own designs for production as well as T-shirts for other organisations.

We will soon be launching our first range of original T-Shirts to the public.

The press can be used to put designs on various items as seen on the cushion in the image below.

To find out more please contact us at

CREATivE stART CIC is a member led community art programme & all profits go back in to the social enterprise

     One of our T-shirt designs being pressed


A CREATivE stART design pressed onto a cushion.

                                                 A CREATivE stART design pressed onto a cushion.