Mark’s story of Recovery

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Mark on the T-Shirt press. Mark is a vital member of the CREATivE stART programme. 17 years ago he was addicted to Heroin. He detoxed whilst walking over 100 miles from Brighton to Oxford after the promise of a bed & a hot meal. He has remained abstinent since.

2 years ago after coming to terms with another addiction, he made a choice to stop drinking.
He has been an active member of CREATIVE START since its arrival in the area & his journey of recovery is an inspiration to others. He is now the manager of the workshop & we are all grateful for his help, support & experience.

CREATivE stART is a member led peer support programme that uses art as an integral part of the recovery model. We provide the opportunity for all people to help others through their own experience by using mutual aid principles

Mark on the T-shirt press.
Mark on the T-shirt press.