Merchandise for Breast cancer support group ‘Bosom Buddies’

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Some design work, badges, fridge magnets and keyrings we made for Bosom Buddies Support group.

Bosom Buddies is a breast cancer support group. They meet at The Pink Rose suite at The Diana, Princess of Wales hospital. Members of the group help each other through a peer support structure, similar to that of CREATivE stART.

Peer support is a process of giving & receiving help through respect, equality and personal experience.

We highly recommend Bosom Buddies support group. On the occasions we have been invited to visit the group on behalf of CREATivE stART, We have always been made to feel very welcome. There is a strong bond between the members and it is clear the support is invaluable to those that attend.

CREATivE stART aims to promote and assist all Peer support groups and understands the value of this support within all communities

Badges, keyrings and magnets made by CREATIVE START for Bosom Buddies Breast cancer support group.
CREATIVE START design work for Bosom Buddies