Newspaper Article on our Fire Safety Mural

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Andy Warhol-inspired painting used to promote kitchen fire safety
The mural was designed to promote Kitchen Fire Safety and can be found on the wall of Grimsby Fire Station on Cromwell Road. Pictured from left Dave Harries, Sam Delaney, Mark Tustain and Peter Lee Crookes from

A creative mural has been designed on the wall of a Grimsby fire station to promote fire safety, inspired by famous artist Andy Warhol.

The Mural Aid project named Kitchen Inferno, was designed to promote kitchen fire safety and features a Campbell’s Soup can design, made famous by the leading figure of the pop art movement.

The painting was also inspired by vintage advertising and artists wanted to recreate a vintage advertising billboard using kitchen fire as a product.

The design, which is displayed on the side of the Cromwell Road fire station in Grimsby, measures 30x18ft and was completely hand painted in masonry, acrylic paint and varnish.

The project was part of a structure created by company Creative Start, a community interest company that provides support, activities and creative opportunities for their members. They aim to provide a service that people feel part of and therefore include their members in all aspects of the service.

They teach art techniques and involve their members in creative community projects, such as murals, art exhibitions, donations and local events. They also design merchandise to help sustain the service, including art prints, badges, key rings, magnets and t-shirts.

The Mural Aid project was set up to help Creative Start create community friendly murals and give local people the opportunity to participate and encourage a sense of pride and ownership in the area.

Sam Delaney, director of Creative Arts, explained: “We have a number of mural projects planned in the local area. Paintbrush murals are something that everyone can be involved in, so we are looking for people of all ages who would like to be involved.

“Our team of artists will mentor people in the full process of mural art from concept design through to final completion. The process will also include public consultations with mural designs and concepts gathered from the results.

“We promote a safe and honest environment where people can be creative, including supporting those with a range of challenges to encourage positive well-being. With this in mind, we should like to engage with people who feel socially isolated.

“We want Mural Aid to give local people the opportunity to participate in an activity that will encourage pride in their community, create a purpose and build their self-esteem. Community paint-brush murals are also a proven effective graffiti prevention strategy. They instil a sense of pride among youth and other community members, who have been involved in creating them.”

Creative Start aims to not only support its members but to create a platform for local talent and a way of promoting, exhibiting and selling their art with the hopes of a pathway to potential employment or self-employment.

Their murals are designed with community improvement in mind and we aim to help support and raise the profile of local organisations through the art.

Sam added: “Without the support of local organisations such as Cromwell Road Fire Station, we would be unable to create the artwork, so we always appreciate it when these opportunities arise. We hope that other local businesses and services will get in touch, as we are keen to show them what can be achieved and how the art can create a talking point, promote their business and increase sales.

“The Fire Safety mural project was part of our Mural Aid structure, designed to create local artwork that not only benefits the community, but is directly influenced by local people.

” We would like to thank the fire service and the staff at Cromwell Road Fire station for giving us the opportunity to create the artwork.”

Their vision is to help all members create works of art that can be exhibited locally, helping to rebuild confidence and self-esteem. CREATivE stART arts in health C.I.C is a not for profit community interest company. All profits are used to provide support and aftercare for people in recovery and to fund creative projects in the community.

To find out more about Creative Start and to get involved, contact them at You can find out information on their website and their Facebook page: