Remembering Robin Willams

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On August 11th 2014 the world lost an amazing talent whose movies and comedy brought happiness to millions of people.

Robin Williams struggled with his addictions and depression throughout his life. In the late 70s and early 80s he was addicted to cocaine. two factors that prompted him to quit drugs and alcohol, were the death of John Belushi and the birth of his son Zak.

Unfortunately after 20 years of sobriety, in 2005 he started drinking again and checked in to a substance abuse rehab centre in 2006 for alcoholism. He never returned to cocaine but acknowledged his failure to maintain sobriety.

With addiction often comes a dual diagnosis. Depression and addiction go hand in hand. In the opinion of those in recovery it is important to address the addiction before the depression, as for an addict the two can often become confused. Maintaining sobriety is a life time commitment, recovery is a journey not a destination and without support sobriety can be lost at any point in recovery.

In 2014 Emma Ling painted this in acrylic as a tribute to Robin Williams, one of the greatest comedy actors of our generation.

'Remembering Robin Williams' Painted here in acrylic by Emma Ling.
‘Remembering Robin Williams’ Painted here in acrylic by Emma Ling.