Aspire 2 Inspire B4 U Expire

The Peer Support Art Programme for those who are ready for change.

We are an award winning C.I.C that promotes a safe & honest environment. We provide support, activities & creative opportunities for our members, including those with a range of challenges to encourage positive well-being.

Our peer support structure focuses on trust and personal development. We aim to provide a service that people feel part of and therefore include our members in all aspects of the service.

We deliver an abstinence based recovery programme and involve our members in creative community projects, such as murals, art exhibitions, donations & local events.

We design merchandise to help us sustain the service, including art prints, badges, keyrings, magnets & t-shirts.

Our vision is to promote recovery and help all members create works of art that can be exhibited locally, helping to rebuild confidence and self-esteem. We encourage our members’ creative ideas and aim to provide the materials to help them come to fruition. We promote new ideas, collaborations and all forms of creativity in order to provide activities and art that suits everyone. We aim to produce works of art that show quality and emotion.

CREATivE stART arts in health C.I.C is a not for profit community interest company. All profits are used to provide support and aftercare for people in recovery and to fund creative projects in the community.

Please visit our facebook pages atwww.facebook.com/CREATivEstART.Arts

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The Art of Recovery Workshop


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