Tom Hardy in sobriety

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Tom Hardy is currently one of the most popular British actors in Hollywood.

However he has revealed that he’s lucky to be alive following a serious drug & alcohol addiction.

“I didn’t want anyone to know I was out of control, but I couldn’t hide it,” Hardy said. “Eventually, the body gives up. I was completely kaput. I was lucky I didn’t get hepatitis or AIDS.”

After waking up in a puddle of his own blood and vomit on the streets of Soho in 2003, Hardy finally decided to seek help. Tom checked himself into rehab in 2003 “I went in thinking I’d do it for a little bit until I can go out and drink and people forgive me,” he said. “But I did my 28 days, and after listening to people who had been through similar circumstances I realized I did have a problem.”

Though admitting that his addiction to drugs and alcohol defined his early life, Hardy now feels that his work has taken its place. “Sometimes it’s like drinking the next beer, I will do the next film and the next, keep going, keep going,” he said. “If I stop working they might take it away from me. People will say ‘Tommy you’re doing well’ and I say ‘Am I?’”

“I love what I do, but it’s driven by a fear of not being able to do it. It’s the same with drinking – if I stop then who am I? What have I got?”

Below is an interview he did with Kenny Ross of The Prince’s Trust, a charity group that helps disadvantaged youths. Hardy currently serves as the charity’s ambassador.

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